Title: Reflection
Artist: Fifth Harmony
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Best audio of Reflection that I’ve found so far x


Dear Baba Yaga,

While I’ve come to mostly accept the body I was born with and use for loving, working, and playing, I can’t help but feel uneasy about one physical feature. It’s not quite a hunchback, but my shoulders are fleshy and my back has a roundness below my neck. When I catch glimpses of my posture in windows or mirrors, I’m always surprised and disappointed. How can this be me? I stretch and do yoga, but I’m afraid it’s not enough to keep me from growing into a grotesque old woman. What should l do?


All mirrors tell the wrong story . Your cloak-hem has already brushed the ink-pool that mars all of us; the marring of being not as we thought we were. I sit at my mirror daily & make loud laughter, inking my brows & lips with the mar-muck–then I step : through the glass to glimpse other Sights. You have ) made a loveliness of yr body through the moving of it, & the mirror is a false confidant. Evermore, to be as I am is an honor & a magic.


Yili Apricot Valley, China. Every year, these rolling hills in Xinjiang explode into a puffy sea of pink and white. As the largest groves of apricots in the region, this flowering signifies the beginning of the fruiting season, while also transforming the landscape into something other-worldly.


The Blueberry Queen is completely surrounded by blueberries at Hotel Roosevelt, 1955 (via)